What Makes You Feel Attractive?

November 27, 2017

1.) How do you define the word attractive?

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Megan Carter: I think being attractive is being pleasing to other people and to yourself.





Zach Saranthus: I don’t mean to sound mean but I think of physical attractiveness first and then I think of the personality aspect of it. And I think they need to go hand in hand.




Christi Ballard: I think attraction can have many different meanings. Especially, like everyday things. Like, “Oh, the woods are attractive.” It’s very pleasing to the eye.




Matthew Howell: To me, as far as me being attracted to somebody, it’s more of having a desire to spend time with someone. Not just someone pretty to look at. It’s a form of attraction, but for me the main part of attraction is actually having the desire to spend more and more time with somebody.


2.) What do you find attractive in a significant other?

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JP Bieller: Someone that I can get along with. Someone who I feel is real down to earth. Has a good sense of humor and just someone I can connect with on a more emotional level.

Jaz Brisack: Their political ideas because I would never consider being with someone who didn’t agree with me on certain key things like taxing the rich and being pro-choice.


Tyler Prince: Just a good sense of humor. Somebody who’s just really down to earth. Sweet. Can take a joke.

Kacie Hogan: They don’t have any doubts about their future or anything they’re going to do. Even just the present or anything. So long as they’re good with how things are going now, that’d be great.

Bernard Blissett: Someone who knows herself and isn’t afraid to be herself.

3.) What makes you feel attractive?

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Bernard Blisset: When I’m not afraid. When I’m intentional about things. When I can approach something or someone with the belief that I can talk to them or do whatever to ask it is. Basically when I’m confident.


Megan Carter: I think I feel attractive when I’m with friends. Just laughing. Getting to be myself. And I also think when I wear a new outfit or something I feel physically attractive.

JP Bieller: To me what feels attractive is when somebody laughs at my jokes and somebody who I can talk to and really get along with. And especially when somebody does put forth the effort to talk to me first or to make the move first it does seem like they are attracted to you.


Kacie Hogan: When I’m trying to get across my confidence for the day or like I’m being strong that day or stuff like that, and it comes across and [people] can see it. I think┬áthat’s what makes me feel attractive.


Zach Saranthus: Just a small complement every now and again. Usually, I’ll be the one complementing the girl. But every now and again I like “Nice hat. Nice shirt.”


Jaz Brisack: I feel attractive when I feel in control of a situation and when I don’t feel like I’m going to make a fool of myself.

Matthew Howell: I guess have a conversation with somebody. Being able to talk to people.

Christi Ballard: I feel the most attractive when I’m with my boyfriend because I feel loved. He’s my home. He’s the person that I go to when I’m upset. The person I share all my happiness with. He’s my person.

Tyler Prince: What makes me feel attractive is kind of like whenever the opposing party approaches me first or sends me the text first. Or shows that they’re interested without actually saying it. Just kind of like “If they’re messaging me then obviously they find something fun about me.” And that makes me feel pretty good.

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